CATV Cable Tone Test Set 402K

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Designed specifically for the CATV industry, this kit allows you to tone through splitters, directional couplers and traps.

• Simple to use, the 402K provides accurate results and will eliminate long delays trying to figure out non-tagged or mis-tagged cable drops.
• Kit includes one transmitter, one receiver, one male F-to-F connector adapter cable, one male F-to-alligator clip adapter cable and a carrying case.
• Transmitter and receiver are equipped with female F-connectors.
• Three methods of signal reception: electrostatic pickup for non-terminated cables, electromagnetic pickup for terminated or shorted cables and direct connection when identifying in the presence of passive devices.
• In continuity mode, provides both audible tone and LED display.
• Identifies the presence of AC or DC voltage on the cable under test.
• Four selectable tone outputs for multiple line identification