Real time Data logging SPL Meter (SD Card) SL-4023SD

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Main functions are designed to meet IEC 61672 class 2.

• A & C weighting networks comply with standards.
• 0.5″ standard microphone head.
• Time weighting (Fast & Slow) dynamic characteristic modes.
• Build External calibration VR.
• Auto range & Manual range selection.
• Available for external calibration adjustment.
• Memory function to store the Max. & Min. value.
• Hold and Peak Hold functions.
• SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB.
• LCD with green light backlight, easy reading.
• Can default auto power off or manual power off.
• Data hold, record max. and min. reading.
• RS232/USB PC COMPUTER interface.
• Heavy duty & compact housing case.

NOTE: Model: SL-4033SD Function Same as SL-4023SD , but Frequency and Time Weighting meet IEC 61672 CLASS 1