HVAC Power Clamp Meter 3079K

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HVAC Application:

• Check current draw in motors and compressors.
• Use MAX/MIN/Recording in the temperature mode to assess efficiency.
• Test run/start capacitors.
• Confirm low voltage control signals.
• Measure flame safeguard device current draw.
• Confirm power sources.
• Analyze temperature and voltage or current data with the aid of the time stamp.
• Insulation test up to 100M Ω.

Electrical Application:

• Check for energized circuits and balance loads.
• 1 Φ /3 Φ (3P3W/3P4W)Power analyzer.
• Evaluate electrical contacts.
• Capture motor in-rush current readings.
• Determine peak power demand periods.
• Verify line voltage stability.
• Monitor motors and other loads for excess heat.
• Check motor run/start capacitor values.