Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TPS 2000 Series

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• CompactFlash™ mass storage standard
• OpenChoice™ PC connectivity software – standard
• Front Protective cover
• Optional versatile hanger
• Backlit front panel
• Auto Range function
• Math Multiply
• Multi-purpose knob
• Capability to be placed on its back while plugged in
• All three models provide an isolated external trigger input.
• Oscilloscopes have 3 year warranty
• Battery operation has the capacity for two hot swappable Lithium Ion battery packs.
• One battery pack is included with the TPS2000 series offering four hours of battery operation.
• With an optional second battery pack installed, operation is extended to eight hours.
• Continuous battery operation is possible by Hot Swapping charged batteries.
• 300 VRMS CAT II at BNC signal to BNC shell , 1000 VRMS CAT II at probe tip to earth ground with optional P5120 passive high voltage probe
• 600 VRMS CAT II or 300 VRMS CAT III BNC shell to earth ground, 1200 VRMS CAT II between any two channel commons with each of the channel commons not being more than +/- 600 VRMS from earth ground
• All Oscilloscopes come standard with:
2220 1x/10x 200MHz passive voltage probes (one per channel), (1) TPSBAT battery, AC adapter and power cord (6 localized power options), TDSPCS1 OpenChoice™ PC connectivity software, protective front cover, user manual and Calibration Certificate documenting NIST traceability